10th Science Handwritten Notes

 10th Science Handwritten Notes

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Class 10th Science Syllabus

 Life Processes 

Living beings: Basic Definitions 
Basic Concepts of Nutrition: Definition Of Nutrition, Types Of Nutrition: Autotrophic Nutrition, Heterotrophic Nutrition
Respiration In Plants And Animals: Respiration In Plants In Detail, respiration In Different Types Of Animals , Like Earthworm Fist etc
Transport In Plants And Animals: Explain In Detail How Transport System Works In Plants and also In Animals 
Excretion In Plants And Elements : Explain In Details About The Excretion System Like Kidney.

 Reproduction In Organisms

Reproduction In Plants: Reproduction Definition And Its Types: Asexual And Sexual Reproduction
Reproduction In Animals: Asexual Reproduction And Sexual Reproduction
Male Reproductive Parts 
Female Reproductive Parts
Reproductive Health 
Need For Family Planning.
 Different Types Of Methods : Barrier Method,  Chemical Methods, IUCD Method And Surgical Method
Safe Sex.
Women Health And Child Bearing.

Heridity And Evolution

Heridity : Introduction 
Rules Of Inheritance Of Traits-Mendel's Contribution : Laws for inheritance of traits.
Monohybrid Cross.
Dihybrid Cross
Sex Determination In Humans.

Control And Coordination

Animals- Nervous System, What Happens in Reflex Action? Human Brain. How are These Protected? How Does Nervous tissue cause action? Coordination in Plants, immediate response to Stimulus, Movement Due to Growth, Harmones in Animals.

Our Environment

What happens when we add our waste to the environment. Ecosystem and it's components. Food chain and Food webs. How do our activities affect the environment? Ozone layer and how it is getting depleted? Manage the Garbage we produced.

Chemical Reaction And Equations

Chemical equation, Balanced Chemical Equation, Implication Of A balanced Chemical Equation, Types Of Chemical Reactions: Chemical Reactions, Combination Reactions Decomposition Reactions, Displacement Reactions, Double Displacement Reactions Precipitation Reactions, Nutrilization Reactions. Oxidation And Reduction Reactions
Rancidity And Corrosion 

Periodic Classification Of Elements 

Early Attempt Of Classification: Dobernier Traid, Law Of Octave, Mendelev Periodic Table, Modern Periodic Table, Trends In Modern Periodic Table. Periodic Properties of Elements. Electronegativity Of Elements 

Acids Base And Salt 

Acids Base And Salts. Their Definition in terms of furnishing of H++ and OH- ions, General Properties, Example and uses, concepts of PH scale , PH in everyday life, preparation and uses of sodium Hydroxide, Bleaching Powder, Baking Soda, Washing Soda and Plaster Of Paris

Metal And Non Metals

Properties Of Metal , Properties Of Non Metal, Reactivity series, Formation and Properties of ionic compounds , Basic metallurgical processes, Corrosion and its Prevention.

Carbon And Its Compound

Covalent bonding in carbon compounds, versatile nature of carbon, Homologous series. Nomenclature of carbon compounds containing functional groups, difference between saturated hydrocarbon and unsaturated hydrocarbon. Chemical Proper of carbon compounds.  Ethanol and Ethanoic Acids , Soap And Detergents 

Light Reflection And Refraction

Definition Of Light, Reflection and it's laws,
Lateral inversion, Plane mirror and its uses, Spherical Mirror, Images Formed By Spherical Mirror, Magnification Produced By Mirror, Refraction Of Light, Laws of Refraction, Lenses and it's Types, Formation of image formed by Lenses, Power Of Lenses.

The Human Eye And The Colorful World

Human Eye and It's Construction, Power Of Accommodation Of Eyes, Different Types Of Defects Of Vision, Different Phenomenon Related to Light. e.g Dispersion of Light , Atmospheric Refraction and Scattering Of Light 


Electric Current And Its Types, Electric Circuit And Its Diagrams, Electric Potential And Potential Difference, Ohms law , Resistance and Factors affecting the resistance Of any material, Resistivity, Resistance in Series And Resistance in Parallels, Electric Power, Heating effects Of Electric Current 

Magnetic Effect Of Current 

Magnetic Fields And Fields Lines, Magnetic Field Due to A current Carrying Conductor , Electromagnet And Permanent Magnet, Fleming Rules, Electric Motor And Generator, Electromagnet Induction, Domestic Wiring And Its Protection 

Source of Energy 

Energy and It's Types, Different Types Of Sources Of Energy , Conventional Sources Of Energy, Alternative Source Of Energy, Biogas Energy Geothermal Energy, Sea Energy , Wind Energy.
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