9th Science Handwritten Notes

9th Science Handwritten Notes

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Class 9th Physics Syllabus

1 Matter In Our Surroundings 

Definition Of matter.
Solid, liquid and gases.
Characteristics- shape, volume and density.
Change of state - melting.

2 Is Matter Around us Pure 

3 Atom And Molecules

Atoms And Molecules.
Law Of constant proportion.
Atomic and Molecular masses.
Relationship of Molecular to mass of the particles and numbers.
Chemical formula of chemical compounds.

4 Structure of Atom


5 Fundamental unit of life 

Cell as a basic unit of life.
Prokaryotic and eukaroytic cells 
Multicellular Organisms 
Cell membrane ans Cell wall.
Cell organelles, Chloroplast, mitochondria, vacuous, endoplasmic reticulated, golf apparatus, nucleus
Chromosomes- basic structure number.

6 Tissue

Structure and function if animal and plants tissues.
Types of Tissue 

7 Diversity in living organism

Diversity of plants and animals. 
Basic issues in scientific naming.
Basic of Classification 
Hierarchy of categories/ groups.
Major groups of plants ( silent features) ( Bacteria, Thalophyta, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, gymnosperms and angiosperms.
Major groups of animals ( salient features ) ( Non- chordates upto phyla and chordates upto classes.

8 Motion 

Distance and Displacement 
Uniform and non uniform motion.
Distance time and Velocity time graph for uniformly Accelerated motion.
Equation of motion by graphical method
Elementary Ideas of uniform circular motion.

9 Force And Laws Of Motion

Force And motion 
Newtons law Of Motion 
Inertia and mass, momentum, force and acceleration. 
Elementary idea of conservation of momentum.
Action and reaction forces.

10 Gravitation

Universal law Of Gravitation 
Force And Gravitation of earth.
Acceleration due to gravity.
Mass and Weight.

11 Work Energy And Power 

Work done by a force, energy , power 
Kinetic energy and potential energy
Law Of conservation of energy.

12 Sound

Nature of sound and it's propagation in various media, speed of sound range of hearing in humans.
Ultra sound 
Reflection of sound, echo and SONAR.
Structure of the Human ear.

13 Why Do We Fall ill 

Health and it's failure 
Infectious and non infectious diseases , their causes and manifestation.
Diseases caused by microbes and their prevention, Principle of treatment and prevention.
Pluse Polio Programmes.

14 Natural Resources 

Air, Water soil 
Air for Respiration for Combustion for moderating temperatures 
Movements of Air And Its role in bringing rains across India.
Air water and soil Pollution 
Holes in Ozone layer and the probable damages.

15 Improvement in Food Resources

Plants and Animal breeding ans selection for quality improvement and management.
Use of Fertilizer, matures.
Protection from pests and diseases.
Organic farming.

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Matter in Our Surrounding
Structure of Atom
The Fundamental Unit of Life

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