Equilibrium Handwritten Notes for 11th Chemistry

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Equilibrium Handwritten Notes for 11th Chemistry

EQUILIBRIUM:  Equilibrium is a condition in which the measurable property of a system do not change with time.  Equilibrium state is reached when both forward and backward processes in a system occur at same rate.

All Important topic of this Chapter : Equilibrium - Class 11th Chemistry  are covered in these notes. Some of topics are given below:

● Equilibrium 
● Physical Equilibrium 
● Chemical Equilibrium 
● Dynamic Nature of Equilibrium 
● Law of Mass Action
● Law of Chemical  Equilibrium 
● Derivation of relation between Kp and Kc
● Le Chatelier's Principle
● Ionic Equilibrium 
● Ionization of weak electrolyte 
● Concept of Acid and Bases
● Bronsted - Lowry Concept 
● LEWIS concept
● PH Scale
● Salt Hydrolysis
● Buffer Solution

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