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Waves Handwritten Notes for 11th Class Physics

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Waves Handwritten Notes | With pdf 

▪︎■ हैलो students , हमारे ब्लॉग पर आपका स्वागत है । आज मैं आपके लिए लेकर आया हूं , Waves Handwritten Notes जोकि 11th Class Physics का 15 Chapter है । आप Waves handwritten Notes की PDF जहां से  download कर सकते हैं । Waves  के साथ साथ आपको 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Chapters के notes भी  मिल जाएंगे । हमारे ब्लॉग पर आपको और भी subject के Handwritten Notes की PDF मिल जाएंगी ।■▪︎

Welcome Note for New Visitors

◇■ अगर आप हमारे ब्लॉग पर नए हैं तो मैं आपको बता दूं कि हमारा ब्लॉग एक educational ब्लॉग है । जहां पर आपको अगल - अलग क्लॉस के Handwritten Notes की PDF फ्री में download करने को मिल जाएंगी । जैसे कि क्लास 11th और 12th की Physics , Chemistry, Biology, Mathamatics, Physical Education और भी बहुत सारे क्लास के नोट्स की PDF । यह सब PDF सरल भाषा में लिखी गईं। हैं ताकि students को पढ़ने और याद करने में कोई मुश्किल ना आए ।■◇

Topic covered in Waves Handwritten Notes

    • Wave motion
    • Transverse Waves
    • Longitudinal waves
    • Speed of wave motion
    • Reflection of waves
    • Displacement relation for a progressive wave
    • Principle of superposition of waves
    • Standing waves in strings and organ pipes
    • Fundamental mode and harmonics
    • Doppler effect
    • Beats

Important Definition

(a) Waves : It is a form of energy which travels through a material medium due to the repeated periodic motion of the particles of the medium about their mean positions. 

(b) Mechanical Waves : A mechanical waves is a periodic disturbance which requires material medium for its propagation. Mechanical Waves are also called elastic waves because their propagation depends upon properties of material medium.

(c) Electromagnetic Waves : The Electromagnetic waves is a periodic disturbance which requires no material medium for their propagation and can travel through a vacuum. 

(d) Matter Waves:   When a material particle like electron, photon, neutron atom and molecule etc moves a waves is associated with this moving particle. This waves is known as matter waves. 

(e) Transverse Waves  : A wave in which the particle of the medium vibrate perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the waves is known as transverse waves.

(f) Longitudinal Waves :- The wave motion in which the particles of the material medium vibrate back and forth about their mean positions along with the direction of propagation of the waves is called Longitudinal Waves. 

(g) Compression:-  A region of medium where the particles of the medium are closer to each other is known as compression.

(h) Rarefaction:-   A region of medium where the particles of the medium are far from each other is known as rarefaction. 

(i) Beat:-  The phenomenon of regular rise and fall in the intensity of sound, when two waves of nearly equal frequency traveling along the same line and in the same direction superimpose each other is called beats. 

Important Definitions of Waves

Why you Study from Waves Handwritten Notes 

> Class 11 में Physics एक important subject हैं । अगर आप यह नोट्स जहां से download करोगे तो, आपको किसी extra coaching की जरूरत भी नहीं पड़ेगी ।

> यह नोट्स बनाने वाले teacher को 7-8 साल का teaching experience हैं ।

> आप नोट्स से Exam की तैयारी करके Class 11 Physics में अच्छे अंक लेकर पास हो सकते हैं ।

> यह नोट्स NCERT के ऊपर based हैं और CBSE Board Exam के साथ साथ State Board Examination के लिए भी बहुत helpfull हैं ।

> यह नोट्स सुन्दर और साफ़ handwritting में लिखें हैं ताकि आपको पढ़ने में कोई मुश्किल ना आए ।

> यह नोट्स सरल भाषा में लिखें गए हैं और पढ़ने से आपको आसानी से समझ आ सकते हैं ।

> हमारे नोट्स में Step by Step सारे टॉपिक को समझाया गया हैं । आप हमारे Electrostatic Handwritten Notes से पढ़ने से इस Chapter के almost सारे टॉपिक तैयार कर सकते हो ।

> सभी diagrams को भी Neat and Clean बनाया गया है ।

> आपको हमारे Notes से पढ़ने के बाद किसी extra नोट्स की जरूरत भी नहीं होगी ।

> हमारे Handwritten नोट्स में Important Questions भी दिए गए हैं।

> Important Numericals को भी अच्छी तरह से समझाया गया है।

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CBSE Board Exam are very important exam and it need lot of Hard-work and Knowledge to score good marks in these exam. Our handwritten notes make it easy to score good marks in exam. We surely give you best direction for your board exam preparation. 

NDJ Tuition Handwritten Notes for Class 11th Physics are a milestone for the students of  CBSE and other state boards. Notes are the key features of study materials collected by students for their education. With the help of Handwritten notes students can revise their syllabus in proper manner. CBSE class 11th notes by NDJ Tuition are best notes because these are prepared by experience teachers. While preparing these handwritten notes previous year question papers and the latest syllabus and patterns of CBSE are kept in mind. Class 11th Physics Handwritten notes contains very easy language which help the students to learn and revise syllabus with almost no time. These handwritten notes also contain diagrams. With the help of these diagram it becomes very easy to understand the each concept and explaining the topics. We are working continuously for betterment of our students. At present NDJ Tuition is providing Handwritten Notes for class 10th to 12th  for students of science stream.

👉👉 Silent features of Handwritten Notes 👈👈

👉 Very easy language and eye catching formatting.

👉 Our notes come with step by step explanation of each topic .

👉 It saves your lot of time and money.

👉 Focus on those topics which carry more marks in exams.

👉 Revised every year as per the updated syllabus of CBSE

 Topics are as per syllabus so that students can revise subject in minimum time with maximum accuracy.

👉 Class 11th Handwritten Notes are as per guidelines of ncert syllabus.

👉 It covers complete syllabus of CBSE Board Exams. 

👉 Written in very clean, clear and readable handwritting.

👉 After reading these handwritten notes students will not get panic by huge books. After that students also can read any other books with better understanding.



How to get Readable PDF of Waves Handwritten Notes

●> आपको Waves Handwritten Notes की  readable PDF download करने में कोई मुश्किल ना आए। इसलिए मैं आपको कुछ जरुरी Steps बताना चाहूंगा ।

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●>  App download करने के बाद आपको अपना Phone No register करना है। 

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How to get Hard Copies of Waves Handwritten Notes

●> आपको अगर Waves Handwritten Notes आपको पसंद आते है तो आप complete Notes की Hard Copies भी Order कर सकते हैं।  

●> Order करने के लिए आपको नीचे दिए गए Click Here to Order Hard Copies का Link दिखेगा। 

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 ●> Hard Copies में आपको सभी chapters के Chapter Wise handwritten notes मिलेगे ।

●> अगर आपको कोई Quaries हो Notes या Booklets के related आप हमे नीचे दिए गए Number पर Whatsapp/Call भी कर सकते हों।  

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