Let's say that taking notes digitally is not everyone's favorite. When Covid-19 first came out, taking notes digitally was at the edge of technology. Students comprehended how to take notes without using paper.

People who grew up with computers. Now, they always type and usually need to remember how to write by hand. It helps you remember and understand things and think more clearly.

But how can students manage digital writing and the advantages of handwritten notes? This article explores that very thing and gives tips on converting digital text into handwritten notes.

Why Handwritten Notes Still Matter?

Many people think handwriting is less important, but technology is more important. People use buttons and screens to write and take notes on their phones and computers.

However, study shows that writing by hand has a unique and positive effect on how our brains process and remember information, even though this trend is happening.

There are many ways to experience the physical pleasure of writing with hands. The method of handwriting helps learn and remember things.

Benefits of Handwritten Notes

Remembering and getting it

If you write something by hand, you have to think about it, which helps you understand and remember it better than typing.

Benefits for thinking

Handwritten notes improve brain skills by encouraging critical thinking and understanding. Writing by hand improves memory and knowledge because it feels good.

Digital Writing vs. Handwritten Notes

Digital Writing




The advantages of digital writing are speed and ease of use.

However, writing on a computer screen may lack the intensity or personal touch as making notes by hand.

You can quickly type on a computer or device. The text is simple to change and share.


With a screen and a keyboard to use, the writer may not feel as connect to the work as with pen and paper.


Handwritten Notes



Writing notes by hand uses more senses, which helps you understand and remember things better.

On the other hand, handwritten notes may not be as easy to use as digital notes.

You use your different senses to write your own.

This experience with many senses helps people understand and remember things better.

Without extra steps like scanning, it's difficult to find things make quick changes, or share the content online.


How to Convert Digital Writing to Handwritten Notes?

Text to Handwriting Converters

Online text to handwriting converters are used to convert digital text into a handwritten format.

From my personal experience, Editpad text to handwriting converter is best compared to other, students can use it to create handwritten notes.

To use Editpad’s text to handwriting converter follow these steps:

·        Type or paste the text in the input box.

·        Select the desired from the drop-down menus.

·        To save the file as a PNG, click the "Download PNG" button.

Editpad has eight different unique handwriting styles and five unique page layouts. The outcomes will show the right result after you input your text. As show in diagram below.

Manual writing methods

Students can rewrite their digital notes by hand in their own writing for a more personal touch. This method gives you a chance to do something and learn.

Tips for Effective Handwritten Notes

Strategies for organizations

Symbols, colors, and diagrams help you efficiently arrange handwritten notes. Highlight key points to get attention.

Effective studying techniques

Use your handwritten notes with active learning strategies like summarizing and self-assessment to improve your understanding.


The importance of the written word should be considered, even in our more advanced society. Combining the advantages of digital writing and handwritten notes will help students study more effectively. The benefits of handwriting can be maintained while still benefiting from digital methods in the form of a hybrid strategy.


Are there any specific fonts or styles recommended for handwritten conversion?

It's best to experiment and find a style that resembles your own handwriting for a more personalized touch.

Can using a text to handwriting converter replicate the benefits of actual handwriting?

While it can repalicate the visual aspect, the cognitive benefits of physical writing may be better with manual handwriting.

Can I use the text to handwriting converter for longer texts and documents?

Yes, text to handwriting converters can handle longer texts, making it suitable for various applications.

Are handwritten notes really more beneficial than digital ones?

Yes, handwriting notes engage the brain differently and enhance comprehension and memory.


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