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Carbon and its Compound -10th class Handwritten Notes 
CBSE Board Exam are very important exam and it needs lot of Hard work and Knowledge to score good marks in these exam.
We surely give you best direction for your board exam preparation.

Why you study from NDJ Tuition Handwritten Notes: 

1. It covers complete syllabus of CBSE Board Exams.
2. Written in very clean , clear and readable handwritting.
3. Our notes come with step by step explanation of each topic .
4. It saves your lot of time and money.
5. Focus on those topic which carry more marks in exams.
6. Revised every year as per the updated syllabus of CBSE



Class 10th Maths Handwritten Notes

Class 10th Science Handwritten Notes


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Special Notice For Teachers And Coaching Institutes 

we provide best editable material for teachers and coaching institutes . Below is the list of products we have 

1. 6th to 10th foundation material in word format.

2. 6th to 10th CBSE material in word 

3.6th to 10th cbse editable MCQS 

4. 9th and 10th Science editable Animated PPTs available.

5.11th and 12th Colourful word format Notes Available 

6. 11th and 12th MCQS avilavle Subjevts pcmb

7. DPPS for 11th and 12th available.

8 Ppts for 11th and 12th available

9. NEET Test series available 

10. Jee test Series Available 

11. Editable word of hindi medium bio and physics available 

12 Colourful handwritten Notes For 11th and 12th avaialble 

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